Chaz "Hazel" Boston Baden

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This way to Chaz's home page.

Chaz has a new blog.

Are you looking for "Hazel's Picture Gallery" with all the digital photos I've taken?

About 85,000 photos, depending on how you count them.

Ribbon Resources

If you want to order your own special badge ribbons, start here.

[Anime Los Angeles]
I've started a new animé convention in Los Angeles.

Animé Los Angeles 10 will be 9-11 January 2015.

Equestria L.A.
And I'm helping with Registration at Equestria L.A., 3-4 November 2012.

Maria's Home Page is on this server. - "The Reflection"

MAOI Cooking also lives here.

Girl Gamer Gathering is hosted on this server.

Lynn's Home Page has been partially restored.

[Knotware] Knotware design program is offline for now.


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