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9875-019875-01 high-res image
Ancho Chili Powder can be hard and expensive to find. (Ancho is a dried Poblano.) Here it's $2.80/oz.
(Sunday 12-May-2019 14:12:12)

9875-029875-02 high-res image
Chipotle powder can be easier to find. (Chipotle is a dried smoked Jalapeño.) This store sellls it for $.302/oz.
(Sunday 12-May-2019 14:14:09)

9875-039875-03 high-res image
This store had Chipotle as well. They sell it for $5.66/oz.
(Sunday 12-May-2019 14:14:45)

9875-049875-04 high-res image
Sprouts has Chipotle for $2.01/oz.
(Sunday 12-May-2019 14:15:52)

9875-059875-05 high-res image
Stater Bros has Ancho for $3.69/oz on sale, usually $4.31/oz.
(Sunday 12-May-2019 15:52:44)

9875-069875-06 high-res image
This store sells some British imports, including Fry's Peppermint Cream bars.
(Tuesday 14-May-2019 19:13:34)

9875-079875-07 high-res image
Enjoy Life chocolate chips (vegan, soy-free) are readily available.
(Tuesday 14-May-2019 19:33:13)

9875-089875-08 high-res image
You can find the McCormick Ancho for as much as $4.94/oz, if you look.
(Sunday 19-May-2019 11:40:26)

9875-099875-09 high-res image
Some Murray Sugar-Free cookies are available at Vons.
(Saturday 22-Jun-2019 18:20:08)

9875-109875-10 high-res image
Vons also has two kinds of non-dairy chocolate silk - soy and almond.
(Saturday 22-Jun-2019 18:24:23)

9875-119875-11 high-res image
This bag's in terrible shape, admittedly, but the 3-lb. bag of tortilla strips is a good price at Stater Bros.
(Sunday 23-Jun-2019 14:45:04)

9875-129875-12 high-res image
Another empty container, this is the purple concord grape juice I like.
(Sunday 23-Jun-2019 14:46:24)

9875-139875-13 high-res image
I wanted to make a note of Total Wine's non-profit donations.
(Sunday 30-Jun-2019 14:58:29)

9875-14 high-res image, 9875-15 high-res image.
This Etón "Blackout Buddy" is a nightlight/flashlight combo.
(Friday 05-Jul-2019 12:28:57)

9875-169875-16 high-res image
"Very Berry Crunch" is a cheap knock-off of Captain Crunch Berries.
(Friday 26-Jul-2019 16:08:01)

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