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At this Stater Bros, I found 1.5L bottles of Jarritos soda in these flavors: Lime, pineapple, grapefruit, strawberry, tamarind, and I think they had fruit punch.
(Monday 21-Jan-2019 19:25:30)

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"Due to unfortunate circumstances I'M AWAKE" mug for sale at Target.
(Thursday 24-Jan-2019 12:32:12)

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Reed's Premium Ginger Brew and Original Ginger Beer are for sale at Hi-Time Wine Cellars.
(Thursday 24-Jan-2019 19:43:33)

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Cock 'n Bull Ginger Beer at Hi-Time.
(Thursday 24-Jan-2019 19:45:22)

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Stater Bros has Reed's Extra Ginger Brew, Bunbaberg Ginger Beer, and Cock 'n Bull Ginger Beer.
(Saturday 26-Jan-2019 16:43:03)

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Trader Joe's has a couple of kinds of Henry Hotspur's Hard Pressed for Cider.
(Sunday 27-Jan-2019 13:41:28)

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Brooks Dry Cider at Trader Joe's. It's got a bear on it, I had to get it.
(Sunday 27-Jan-2019 13:41:57)

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Trader Joe's is also where I usually get Reed's Extra Ginger Brew.
(Sunday 27-Jan-2019 13:42:31)

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Trader Joe's has a Triple Ginger Brew that's pretty tasty.
(Sunday 27-Jan-2019 13:42:35)

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I usually get my Whaler's Dark Rum at Trader Joe's.
(Sunday 27-Jan-2019 13:44:06)

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Trader Joe's has Kahlua, too.
(Sunday 27-Jan-2019 13:44:22)

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Trader Joe's has Amaretto and Carolan's Irish Cream.
(Sunday 27-Jan-2019 13:44:55)

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Bols Triple Sec, and Patron's Citronge, each work well in margaritas.
(Sunday 27-Jan-2019 13:45:49)

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You can find Blue Curaçao almost anywhere, such as here at Stater Bros.
(Monday 28-Jan-2019 20:54:23)

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