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9832-039832-03 high-res image
Chinese Almond Cookies.
(Tuesday 12-Mar-2019 22:30:38)

9832-069832-06 high-res image
Amish sugar cookies, with colored sugar.
(Friday 15-Mar-2019 22:16:56)

9832-079832-07 high-res image
(Friday 15-Mar-2019 23:28:45)

9832-08 high-res image, 9832-09 high-res image.
Oatmeal chocolate chip butterscotch cooky bars.
(Sunday 17-Mar-2019 16:57:55)

9832-029832-02 high-res image
A batch of Oatmeal chocolate chip butterscotch cooky bars, after they'd been put out at work for an hour or two.
(Wednesday 06-Mar-2019 13:38:37)

9832-109832-10 high-res image
Marina's Good AF Bars (almond flour/almond meal, butterscotch, hazelnuts).
(Sunday 12-May-2019 22:26:48)

9832-129832-12 high-res image
GF Chinese Almond Cookies. The first batch spread out a lot, so I'm spacing them further apart on the next batch.
(Tuesday 14-May-2019 21:49:13)

9832-139832-13 high-res image
Another pan of all-spread-out GF Chinese Almond Cookies.
(Tuesday 14-May-2019 21:51:44)

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