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9871-019871-01 high-res image
Canada Dry Diet and Regular Tonic Water. I've been taking pictures of things I serve at my parties, printing out the photos and trimming them to 3"x3".
(Sunday 06-Jan-2019 00:30:28)

9871-029871-02 high-res image
Cock 'n Bull Ginger Beer.
(Sunday 06-Jan-2019 00:33:19)

9871-049871-04 high-res image
I.W.Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. "Bottled in bond" means it's 100 proof.
(Tuesday 15-Jan-2019 20:15:58)

9871-059871-05 high-res image
Hiram Walker Peppermint Schnapps.
(Tuesday 15-Jan-2019 20:16:05)

9871-069871-06 high-res image
Volganaya Ohrange vodka.
(Thursday 17-Jan-2019 19:14:45)

9871-079871-07 high-res image
Hornitos Reposado Tequila. Someone donated this to me.
(Saturday 19-Jan-2019 15:53:03)

9871-089871-08 high-res image
Flor Azul Reposado Tequila. Another gift.
(Saturday 19-Jan-2019 15:57:55)

9871-099871-09 high-res image
Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum. This Was given to me by someone at one of my parties.
(Saturday 19-Jan-2019 16:01:10)

9871-109871-10 high-res image
Luxardo Anisette Liqueur. I inherited this from my father, peace be upon him.
(Wednesday 23-Jan-2019 01:02:12)

9871-119871-11 high-res image
Calañes Anis Dulce anisette. Also inherited.
(Wednesday 23-Jan-2019 01:02:44)

9871-129871-12 high-res image
Greenbar Grand Poppy Amaro bitter liqueur. Somone gave this to me.
(Wednesday 23-Jan-2019 20:35:31)

9871-139871-13 high-res image
Saint Brenandan's Irish Cream Liqueur. I bought this at Hi-Time Wine Cellars in
(Saturday 26-Jan-2019 18:38:25)

9871-149871-14 high-res image
Amaretto Da Vinci. I bought this, haven't opened it yet.
(Saturday 26-Jan-2019 18:39:11)

9871-159871-15 high-res image
Doc Well's Classic Coffee Liqueur. I need this for Mudslides.
(Saturday 26-Jan-2019 18:40:36)

9871-169871-16 high-res image
Emmets Irish Cream Liqueur.
(Saturday 26-Jan-2019 18:42:24)

9871-179871-17 high-res image
De Kuyper Crème de Cacao.
(Saturday 26-Jan-2019 18:43:29)

9871-189871-18 high-res image
Bols Triple Sec.
(Sunday 27-Jan-2019 13:51:31)

9871-199871-19 high-res image
Canaday Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale. Leftovers from someone else's party that I received.
(Monday 28-Jan-2019 19:54:13)

9871-209871-20 high-res image
Lipton Brisk Iced Tea, another leftover from another person's party.
(Monday 28-Jan-2019 19:55:58)

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