Boston Baden's Con-Running Bibliography [Smofs and Fans]

Baden's Con-Running Bibliography

Rev. 20-Aug-1998 by Chaz ("Hazel") Boston Baden

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I am interested in this stuff being circulated. I haven't finished digesting the Worldcon Runner's Guide; I suspect that my future efforts will be in terms of that. (Addenda for smaller conventions.)

I haven't finished digesting a whole bunch of stuff that Garth Spencer sent me... but the scanned-in text from Filthy Pierre's has been cleaned up (that condensed dot matrix doesn't scan well) and will eventually be ready in a fresh printing and will be on-line. I'm not sure if I'm going to do a Filthy Pierre's 2nd Edition; most of the good material from it has been incorporated into the Worldcon Runner's Guide.

Kim Marks (a local fan) and I have talked about putting together a convention-running guide for our local regional (Loscon); my main emphasis has been getting as much of it on-line as possible.

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