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Formerly Chaz's Instrumentals

35 discs as of 10-May-2004

Artists known for their electronic performances go here, especially when they're performing their own compositions. However, synthesized classical music goes under Classical Music, indexed either by composer or by artist.

uncommon ground [opporknockity ot-aw1-9601] [j008]
Aphex Twin
Come To Daddy [warp/sire 31001] '97 [j135]
Windowlicker [warp/sire 35007-2] '99 [j135]
Jarre, Jean-Michel UBL
Oxygene [dreyfus mco 1000] '76 [j016]
Equinoxe [polydor 800 025-2] '78 [j016]
Magnetic Fields ("Les Chants Magnetiques") [polydor 800 024-2] '81 [j016]
The Concerts in China disc 1 [polydor 811 551-2] '82 [2x] [j016]
The Concerts in China disc 2 [polydor 811 551-2] '82 [2x] [j016]
Rendez-vous [polydor 829125-2] '86 [j016]
En Concert / Houston-Lyon [dreyfus 833126-2] '87 [j135]
Revolutions [dreyfus fdm 36148-2] '88 [j016]
Live ("Destination Docklands") [dreyfus 36149-2] '89 [j016]
waiting for cousteau [polydor 843614-2] '90 [j016]
Images - the best of [dreyfus fdm 36151-2] '91 [j126]
chronologie [dreyfus 36152-2] '93 [j016]

Kraftwerk UBL
Computer World [j059]
trans-europe express [capitol cdp 0777 7 46473 2 8] '77 [j059]
Oldfield, Mike UBL
Tubular Bells [virgin v2-86007] [j005]
Tubular Bells 2 [j020]
QE2 [j173]
Scott, Raymond
Manhattan Research, Inc. [2x] [basta 90782] '2000 [j138]
Manhattan Research, Inc. [2x] [basta 90782] '2000 [j138]
Cords [chronicles 314 558 044-2] '78 [j113]
Audion [passport pbcd 6005] '81 [j113]
12 electrifying hits [laserlight 15 426] '94 [j109]

Tangerine Dream
Optical Race [j014]
Canyon Dreams [miramar mpcd 2801] '87 [j167]
Melrose [private muisc 2078-2-p] '90 [j167]
Vangelis UBL
The City [atlantic 7 82248-2] [j057]
El Greco [j173]
The Best Of [j173]
Wakeman, Rick UBL
The six wives of Henry VIII [a&m cd 3229] [j003]
Yellow Magic Orchestra I'd like more from this artist
yellow magic orchestra [restless 7 72700-2] '79 [j012]
Kyoretsu Na Rhythm - Characters [restless 7 72574-2] '90 [j070]
Yellow Magic Orchestra Reconstructed
Hi-Tech/No Crime [j068]

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