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62 discs as of 22-Apr-2006

New Age Mood Music is the mellow background music. Some of this may actually be smooth jazz. Think "The Wave." Eclectic Instrumentals have more pep; "World Beat" dance music might fit in here instead of "World Music."

New Age Mood Music

Arkenstone, David
another star in the sky [narada nd-6014] [j012]
eternal champion [narada 72438-45446-2-1] '98 [j012]
Beau Hunks Sextette, The
Celebration on the Planet Mars: A Tribute to Raymond Scott [koch koc 3-7909-2] '95 [j144]
apurimac [higher octave homcd 77511] '88 [j013]
apurimac ii: return to ancient america [higher octave homcd 7067] [j013]
Apurimac III: Nature Spirit Pride
Water Stories [higher octave homcd 7031] [j013]
Ring of the Dolphin [higher octave homcd 7085] '96 [j050]
ancient journeys: a vision of the new world [higher octave homcd 48902] '2000 [j109]
2000 [higher octave homcd 7046] '92 [j109]
2002 [higher octave homcd 7051] '93 [j109]
Inner Journeys: Myth & Legends [higher octave music homcd 82259] '03 [j167]
Flim and The BB's
tricycle [dmp cd-443] '83 [j053]
New Pants [warner bros 9 26152-2] '90 [j053]
This is a recording. [warner bros 9 26655-2] '92 [j111]

Grant, Tom
In my wildest dreams [verve forecast 849 530-2] [j069]
Silk Road [gift/stu] [gravity 18-7009-2] [j074]
Klugh, Earl
Soda Fountain Shuffle [j062]
Mannheim Steamroller I'd like more from this artist
Fresh Aire [american gramaphone agcd-355] '75 [j071]
Fresh Aire II [american gramaphone] [j057]
fresh aire iii [american gramaphone] [j057]
Fresh Aire 4 [american gramaphone] '81 [j079]
Mills, Frank
The 20th anniversary [capitol s2 80004] '89 [j110]
Pure Moods - Various Artists
Pure Moods [virgin 7243 8 42186 2 1] '96 [j011]
Rondó Veneziano I'd like more from this artist
barocco [baby 590 125-2] '90 [j077]
Marco Polo [koch 33502-2] '97 [j135]
shadowdance [windham hill wd-1029] '83 [j079]
Stagg, Hilary
feather light [real music rm 1800] [j074]
Beyond the Horizon [real music rm 1795] '88 [j162]

artist unknown
Stations of the Tarot [madacy mys-2-4410] [j053]
Vollenweider, Andreas
behind the gardens - behind the wall... [cbs mk 37793] '81 [j019]
Caverna Magica [cbs mk 37827] '83 [j019]
White Winds [cbs mk 39963] '84 [j019]
Down to the moon [cbs mk 42255] '86 [j019]
dancing with the lion [columbia ck 45154] '89 [j019]
book of roses [columbia ck 48601] '91 [j019]
Eolian Minstrel [sbk/erg 7243-8-27897-2-7] [j019]
Various Artists
atmospheres cbs records sampler [cbs mxk 42313] [j016]
Discover Narada [narada 70876-15255-2-6] '00 [j019]
higher octave music sampler [higher octave 70876-14718-2-3] '00 [j016]
Jazziz March 1995 [jzd0395] '95 [j152]

Eclectic Instrumentals

Jazz, etc., mostly non-classical instrumentals

Dulfer, Candy
saxuality [arista arcd-8674] '91 [j005]
Various Artists (indian harps and flutes)
El Condor Pasa [laserlight 15 163] '89 [j053]
Evenson, Dean
Ocean Dreams [soundings sp-7140-cd] '89 [j057]
Ferrante and Teicher
Blast Off! [varese sarabande vsd-5791] '59
Guaraldi, Vince/Various Artists
Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown [j006]
In the Name of Love [coconut grove cg 8197-2] '97 [j061]
Maui [ Finn002] '05 [j197]
caminos [rom 26003] '88 [j019]
horizontes [rom 26009] '89 [j019]
amazonas [rom 26012] '92 [j019]
Destinos [j198]
world beat [epic ek 46010] '89 [j062]

Liebert, Ottmar, and Negra, Luna
neoveau flamenco [higher octave homcd 48793] '90 [j020]
The hours between night and day [epic ek 53804] [j020]
borrasca [higher octave homcd 7036] '91 [j020]
viva! [epic ek 66455] '95 [j020]
Marcé et Tumpak
Zouk Chouv' [globestyle cdorb 035] '87 [j057]
Ostroushko, Peter
Coming Down from Red Lodge [red house records rhr cd 170] '03 [j199]
Our Boys Steel Orchestra
pan night and day [mango ccd 9822] '88 [j018]
Shahin and Sepehr
e [higher octave homcd 7076] [j020]
One Thousand & One Nights [higher octave homcd 7061] '94 [j110]
World Cafe [higher octave homcd 45891] '98 [j110]
Steel Band Music...
steel band music of the carribean [legacy int'l cd 307] [j021]
Steel Drums of Trinidad, The
Caribbean Island Steel Drum Favorites [laserlight 12 756] '96 [j195]
Steel Band Music of the Caribbean [laserlight 12 176] '97 [j195]
Various Artists (indian harps and flutes)
Legends of Accordion [rhino r2 71847] '95 [j144]
25 Banjo Hits [two dozen plus] [j076]

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