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55 discs as of 27-Apr-2006


Sons Of Liberty [6 19981 07532 9] '02 [j182]
Angarola, Anisa
irish airs and dances [dargason dmcd-110] [j056]
Battlefield Band
On the Rise [temple records comd2009] '86 [j163]
Celtic Thunder
celtic thunder [green linnet glcd 1029] [j057]
Chieftains, The UBL
The chieftains 7 [columbia ck 35612] [j020]
Clannad UBL
Dulaman [shanachie 79008] '76
anam [atlantic 7 82409-2] '90 [j011]
banba [atlantic 7 82503-2] '94 [j011]
Cunningham, John
fair warning [green linnet glcd 1047] [j057]
Dubliners, The
Original Dubliners 1966-1969 [2x] 0777 7 89065 2 0 '93 [j196]
Original Dubliners 1966-1969 [2x] 0777 7 89065 2 0 '93 [j196]
Enya UBL
enya (aka "The Celts") [atlantic 7 81842-2] '86 [j005]
shepherd moons [reprise 9 26775-2] '88 [j012]
Watermark [reprise 9 26774-2] '88 [j012]
The Memory of Trees [reprise 9 46106-2] '95 [j012]
Gaelic Storm
Gaelic Storm [omtown omcd 46112] '98 [j109]
Herding Cats [omtown omcd 48091] '99 [j120]
Tree [omtown 72438-10247-2-0] '01 [j135]

Grace, Ailbe
Irish Grace Notes [ceol music cdc 067] [j120]
Great Big Sea
Rant And Roar [sire 31023] '98
Kapp, Peter
Art Music for the Highland Bagpipe - Meditations and Marches [j047]
Keltik Elektrik
Keltik Elektrik 2 [greentrax g2cd 7006] '2000 [j128]
MacDonald Band, The Finlay
Pressed For Time [footstompin' cdfsr1721] '03 [j199]
MacIsaac, Ashley
Close To The Floor [bmg classics 09026-63247-2] '94
Sleepy Maggie (with Mary Jane Lamond) [j184]
MacMaster, Natalie
In My Hands [rounder 11661-7025-2] '99 [j135]
McDades, The and David Wilkie
Cowboy Celtic [centerfire cfa 006] '96 [j035]
McKennitt, Loreena
Parallel Dreams [quinlan Road qrcd 103] '89 [j014]
The Mummer's Dance (cd single) [quinlan road] '97 [j050]
Morgan, Glenn
southwind [fishbite 8701-2] '92 [j026]
D is For Dulcimer [fishbite 9001-2] [j026]
A Following Wind [fishbite 9201] '93 [j026]
Borders No More [fishbite fbr-9401] '96 [j026]
Westwind [fishbite fbr 0101] '01 [j184]

O Cathain, Darach
Traditional irish unaccompanied singing [shanachie] [j083]
Price, Kate UBL
belaich an' dorain [priceless prod.] [j020]
Silly Wizard
live wizardry [glcd 3036/37] [j002]
Caledonia's Hardy Sons [shanachie 79015] [j031]
Kiss The Tears Away [shanachie sh 79037] '87
Wild & Beautiful [shanachie 79028] '91 [j126]
Stewart, Cunningham, and Lunny
Fire in the Glen [shanachie 79062] [j082]
Stink Eye
Off the Street ['98] [j079]
Tilston, Steve, and Boyle, Maggie
of Moor and Mesa [green linnet] [j083]
Various Artists
an ireland of treasures [capitol cdp 7 96577 2] [j083]
Celtic Circle 2, The disc 1 [1u/2x] [windham hill 82876645902] '04
Celtic Circle 2, The disc 1 [1u/2x] [windham hill 82876645902] '04
Music From The Four Corners
celtic colors of the world [allegro all cotw 2] [j040]
Putumayo Presents
Celtic Tides - A Musical Odyssey [putumayo world music putu 141-2] '98 [j040]
Various artists
Celtic Visions [rca victor 09026 63372-2] '99 [j192]


Marley, Bob, and the Wailers
Soul Rebel [retro mar00032] '94 [j044]
Natural Mystic [retro mar00022] '94 [j044]
Legend: The Best of [j123]
Marley, Ziggy, and the Melody Makers
Jahmeyka [virgin records america 2-91626] '91 [j167]
Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra, The
The Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra [mango ccd 9828] '88 [j031]
Pure Reggae [polygram tv 314 565 122-2] '98 [j113]
Putumayo Presents
The Best of World Music - Reggae [putumayo world music putu 113-2] '94 [j102]
Reggae's Greatest Hits #1 [j002]
Reggae Vibration: Wind Surfin' [j176]

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