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89 discs as of 20-Apr-2006

Classical by Artist is for artists particularly noted for their work (often with a unique sound), performing multiple composers' works. Arthur Fiedler falls in this category because of his fame. Most instances of the composer performing his own work would fall in this category as well, e.g. Claude Bolling. Classical by Composer is for single-composer discs, whether by one artist or several. Switched-On Bach falls in this category, despite the artist's unique sound, because there's only one composer involved. Classical Collection is for multiple composers, either by multiple artists, or by one artist performing the standard arrangements. Leonard Bernstein is a more conventional conductor, so his work falls here.

Classical by Artist

Bolling, Claude
Original Ragtime [cbs mk 39009] '66 [j151]
Vintage Bolling [milan 73138 35735-2] '95 [j151]
Boston Pops, Arthur Fiedler and the
Overtures [j077]
Fiedler's Favorite Marches [rca 60700-2-rg] '90 [j066]
Boston Pops Orchestra, Keith Lockhart cond.
Latin Album, The [j193]
Canadian Brass
Greatest Hits [rca rcd1-4733] '83 [j062]
More Greatest Hits [rca 5628-2-rc] '88 [j062]
Live! '85 [j062]
Carlos, Wendy
Digital Moonscapes '84 [j056]
By Request [east side digital esd81692] '75 [j200]
Carlos, Wendy and Yankovic, Al
Peter and the Wolf, Carnival of Animals part 2 [j072]
Clark, Louis, Royal Phil Orch
hooked on classics [k-tel nu 6113] [j070]
Concierto De Aranjuez [prudence imc 572 174 63 cl] '89 [j167]
Dorsey, Don - Various Composers
Busted [telarc cd-80473] '97 [j153]
Heifetz, Jascha
Prokofiev/Gruenberg Violin Concertos [naxos historical 8.110942] '37/'45 [j173]
Porter Twin Disc Music Box
music box waltzes and popular tunes [porter] [j086] [j087]
greatest hits cd [rca 5660-2-rc] [j084] [j085] [j086] [j087] [j088]
Live at Linz, 1984 - the mind of the universe [rca] [j084] [j085] [j086] [j087] [j088]

Classical by Composer

Anderson, Leroy
Boston Pops: Leroy Anderson's greatest hits [rca victor 09026-61237-2] [j056]
Bach, J.S.
Brandenburg Concertos 1,2,3 [j077]
Brandenburg Concertos 4,5,6 [j077]
matthaus-passion [j077]
masters of classical music vol. 2 [laserlight 15 802] [j077]
E. Power Biggs - The Great Preludes and Fugues, Vol. II [cbs mk 42648] '72/'88 [j057]
George Fields - The Bach Stops Here [aoelina records gf-101] '99 [j162]
Bach/Carlos, Wendy
Switched-on Bach [cbs masterworks mk 7194] [j056]
switched-on brandenburgs vol. i [cbs mk 42308] '87 [j006]
switched-on brandenburgs vol. ii [cbs mk 42309] '87 [j006]
Switched-On Bach 2000 [telarc cd-80323] '92 [j126]
Bach/Dorsey, Don
Bachbusters [telarc cd-80123] '85 [j066]

Beethoven/Dorsey, Don
Beethoven or Bust [telarc cd-80153] '88 [j135]
Beethoven, J.S.
The best of beethoven vol. 1: symphony 5, 6 [ldmi] [j068]
The best of beethoven vol. 2: symphony 9 [ldmis-4504] [j068]
masters of classical music vol. 3 [laserlight 15 803] [j068]
Symphoniess 5 & 7 - Wiener Philhamorniker, Carlos Kleiber [polygram [447 400-2] '75/'76 [j184]
Chopin, Frederic
masters of classical music vol. 8 [laserlight] [j077]
Favourite Piano Works disc 1 [london 444 830-2] '85 [j077]
Favourite Piano Works disc 2 [london 444 830-2] '85 [j077]
Debussy, Claude
Debussy favorites: La Mer/Nocturnes/Prélude A L'Apres-Midi D'Un Faune/Printemps [seraphim 7243 5 69728 2 7] '97 [j084] [j173]
Snowflakes are dancing [rca rcd14587] '82 [j084]
Gershwin, George
Dave Grusin - The Gershwin Connection [grp grd-2005] [j004]
Górecki, Henryk
symphony no. 3 [elektra nonesuch 9 79282-2] [j070]

Haydn, Joseph
Harmoniemesse - Cassation F major [art nova 74321 27783 2] '95 [j077]
The Planets [rca victor 60518-2-rg] '76 [j127]
Joplin, Scott
The Red Back Book; Elite Syncopations [angel] [j066]
The Easy Winners (Perlman/Previn) [j066]
Piano Rags (Joshua Rifkin) [elektra 9 79159-2] '87 [j066]
Super Hits (E. Power Biggs on Pedal Harpsichord) [sony sfk 89267] [j102]
Rampal Plays Joplin (Jean-Pierre Rampal, John Steel Ritter, Shelly Manne, Tommy Johnson) [cbs mk37818] '83 [j162]
The Entertainer: Classic Ragtime From Rare Piano Rolls [shout!/retropolis dk 30155] '03 [j162]
Mozart / Beethoven
piano concerto #22 k.487 / piano c'to #3 op.37 [j084] [j085]
The best of mozart vol. 1 (nachtmusik, etc.) [ldmi] [j085]
The best of mozart vol. 2 [ldmi s-4502] [j085]
masters of classical music vol. 1 [laserlight 15 801] [j085]
Symphonies 25, 26, 27, 29, 32 [london 430 268-2] '72 [j085]
Great Piano Concertos 20, 21, 23, 24, 25 disc 1 [london 452 958-2] '86 [2x] [j085]
Great Piano Concertos 20, 21, 23, 24, 25 disc 2 [london 452 958-2] '86 [2x] [j085]

Pictures At An Exhibition [rca victor 60576-2-rg] '75 [j127]
Pachelbel's Greatest Hit - Canon in D [bmg 60712-2-rg] '91 [j097]
Pärt, Arvo
Miserere [polygram 847 539-2] [j086]
greatest hits [j086]
Ravel / Dukas
Bolero / Sorceror's Apprentice [j084] [j085] [j086] [j088]
concierto de aranjuez [j086]
le carnaval des animaux [j077]
masters of classical music vol. 9 [laserlight 15 809] [j086]
Symphonies 5, 6 [arte nova 74321 43319 2] '96 [j086]
Sousa, John Philip
Sousa Marches Forever [compose 9023-2] '88
Strauss, Johann
strauss waltzes [laserlight 15 005] [j096]
The best of strauss vol. 1 [ldmi s-4507] [j086]
The best of strauss vol. 2 [ldmi s-4508] [j086]
masters of classical music vol. 4 [laserlight 15 804] [j086]

The Nutcracker disc 1 [2x] [j087]
The Nutcracker disc 2 [2x] [j087]
masters of classical music vol. 6 [laserlight 15 806] [j087]
Nutcracker/Swan Lake Highlights [naxos 8.550050] '88 [j087]
overtures - sofia symphony orchestra [j087]
masters of classical music vol. 10 [laserlight 15 810] [j087]
masters of classical music vol. 7 [laserlight 15 807] [j087]
masters of classical music vol. 5 [laserlight 15 805] [j087]

Classical Collections

Dukas, Paul
sorcerer's apprentice and other favorite french spectaculars [j070]
Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition; Night on Bald Mountain; Borodin: In the Steppes of Central Asia [vox classics vox7208] [j173]
The firebird/prince igor: overture and polovetsian dances [j084] [j087]
Wiener Volksopernorchester
Famous Waltzes [j085] [j086] [j088]
BMG Classics
bmg classics cd picture disc [bmg 60225] '89 [j084] [j085] [j086] [j087]
Various Composers
Idiot's Guide to Classical Music, The [rca victor 09026-62641-2] '95 [j084] [j085] [j086] [j087]
Sabre Dance [j084] [j085] [j086] [j087]
25 Classical Favorites [madacy ct-2-2985] '97 [j077]
Various Composers
Century of Ragtime 1987-1997, A [vanguard 167/68-2] '97 [j113]
Great American Main Street Band
Under The Big Top [j006]
Reader's Digest
John Philip Sousa And Other March Kings disc 1 [x2] [rsd-404-2/cdi] '93 [j103]
John Philip Sousa And Other March Kings disc 2 [x2] [rsd-404-2/cdi] '93 [j103]

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