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World Music

80 discs as of 27-Apr-2006

Various Artists
Essential Guide to World Music, The .01: African Lives [union square esgcd306-1] '06 [j195]
Essential Guide to World Music, The .02: The South American Way [union square esgcd306-2] '06 [j195]
Essential Guide to World Music, The .03: When East Meets West [union square esgcd306-3] '06 [j195]

Native American

Guy and Allen
Peyote Canyon [sound of america soar-129-cd] '91 [j067]
Huling, John
spiritlands: musical visions from the southwest [j012]
dances with rabbits [canyon cr-7005] [j071]
Nakai, R. Carlos
Mythic Dreamer [canyon cr-608] '98 [j067]
Nakai, R. Carlos, Quartet
Big Medicine [canyon cr-7024] '98 [j067]
Nez, Billie
peyote songs from navaholand [soar-114-cd] [j067]
Southern Cree
Keepin' It Real [canyon records cr-6298] '99 [j079]
Putumayo Presents
Inuit to Inca - A Native American Odyssey [putumayo world music putu 144-2] '98 [j095]


Komariah, Euis, with Jugala Orchestra
jaipongan java [j074]
Maiki Aiu Lake et al.
Chants and Mele of Hawaii [hula cdhs-588] [j074]
Rara Machine
Voudou Nou [shanachia 64054] '94 [j083]
Various Artists
Hawaiian Steel Guitar Classics 1927-1938 [arhoolie polylyric cd 7027] '93 [j197]

Down Under

Aboriginal Dreamtime
The Haunting Sounds of the Didgeridoo [dino din294d] '94 [j057]
He Toa Takatini
a selection of authentic maori songs and chants [j074]


Caminos [alt006d] '95 [j154]
Grupo Niche
Llegando Al 100% [sony discos inc. cdz-80712] '91 [j097]
Lecuona Cuban Boys
Volume Two [Harlequin hq cd 07] '91 [j081]
Cacha Fiesta - Dance of the Incas [j146] '96
Illusion of Fire [j146] '99
Music of the Andes - Volume 3
Heberman, John
Esp&iracute;ritu de los Andes [avalon music solcd42] '97
Salsa Celtica
Agua De La Vida, El [greentrax g2cd7010] '03 [j199]
Los Tigres Del Norte
20 Exitos (twenty hits) [rs-cd-10] '96 [j061]
Sosa, Mercedes
sino [philips 514228-2] '92 [j083]
Putumayo Presents
Latino! Latino! [putumayo putu 131-2/m131-2] '97 [j128]

Eastern Europe, Asia, India

Various Artists
abigay popoy 6 [szcd 1128-99] '99 [j192]
Various Artists
Bhangra: Original Punjabi Pop [arc music prod int. ltd. eucd 1795] '03 [j196]
Classical Sufi Music of the Ottoman Empire [cmp cd 3012] '91 [j057]
Real World: Voices From The Distant Steppe [carol 2339-2 / 7243 8 39469 2 1] '94 [j164]
Instrumental and Vocal Music from Buryatia and Mongolia [global village cd 2501] '99 [j151]
Various Artists
Music from the four corners: gypsies of russia [allegro all cotwe 116] [j095]
Putumayo Presents - Various Artists
Asian Groove [putumayo put202-2] '02 [j192]
Asian Lounge [putumayo put 244-2] '05 [j196]


Bukkene Bruse
The Stone Chair [j090]
Sjofn [j097]
Karelia Visa [NorthSide nsd6025] '99 [j102]
Kurki-Suonio, Sanna
Musta [j090]
Lien, Annbjorg
Baba Yaga [j090]
Nordisk Sang
nordisk sang [na 031 cd] [j083]
sic [NorthSide nsd6042] '99 [j102]
Various Artists
Nordic Roots 2 [northside nsd6040] '99 [j040]
Gront [NorthSide nsd6041] '99 [j126]

Western Europe

Anonymous 4
an english ladymass [harmonia mundi hmu 907080] [j057]
Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos, The
chant [angel] [j040]
Benzedrine Monks of Santo Domonica
Chantmania [rhino r2 76025] '94 [j057]
Comedian Harmonists
Comedian Harmonists [hannibal hncd 1445] '99 [j095]
Conte, Paolo
Best of [rca/ariola nd74301] [j135]
Best of (Nonesuch) [nonesuch 79512-2] '98 [j146]
Piaf, Edith
The Voice of the Sparrow: the Very Best of Edith Piaf [capitol cdp 7 96632 2] '91 [j090]
Three Tenors, The (Carreras, Domingo, Pavarotti)
The three tenors in concert 1994 [atlantic 82614-2] '94 [j090]
Various Artists
Music from the four corners: portugal [allegro all cotwe 121] '00 [j040]
Putumayo Presents
Euro Lounge [putumayo put 209-2] '03 [j178]
Greece: A Musical Odyssey [putumayo put 225-2] '04 [j178]
Italian Café [putumayo world music put238-2] '05 [j196]
Various Artists
World Library of Folk and Primitive Music: Volume 19, France [rounder 82161-1836-2] '02

Middle East

Ofra Haza
Shaday [sire 9 25816-2] '88 [j074]
Ramzy, Hossam
Egyptian Rai [arc music eucd 1132] '95 [j154]
Putumayo Presents
Arabic Groove [putumayo world music put189-2] '01 [j178]
Cairo to Casablanca - An Arabic Musical Odyssey [putumayo putu 143-2] '98 [j125]
Turkish Groove [putumayo world music put 248-2] '06 [j196]
Songs From The Middle East [eclipse 680-2] '99 [j135]


Makeba, Miriam
Sangoma [warner bros 9 25683-2] '88 [j163]
eyes on tomorrow [polydor 849 313-2] '91 [j066]
Homeland [putumayo putu 164-2] '00 [j163]
AlhajiIbrahim Abdulai
Master drummers of dagbon, vol. 1 [rounder] [j008]
Menezes, Margareth
kindala [mango 162 539 917-2] [j066]
Zap Mama
Adventures in Afropea 1 [luaka bop/warner 9 45183-2] '92 [j095]
seven [luaka bop 72438-49048-2-1] '97 [j080]
Zulu Spear
welcome to the usa [liberty cdp-7-97547-2] [j083]
Various Artists
Music from the four corners: morocco [allegro all cotwe 111] '99 [j040]
Putumayo Presents
Mali to Memphis - An African American Odyssey [putumayo putu 145-2] '99 [j163]
Putumayo Presents
South African Legends [putumayo putu 163-2] '00 [j163]
Putumayo Blend, A
Music From The Coffee Lands [putumayo putu 135-2/m135-2] '97 [j178]
Putumayo Presents
Congo To Cuba [putumayo put 200-2] '02 [j178]


Global Meditation
voices of the spirit: songs and chants [ellipsis] [j067]
Harmony and Interplay: Ensembles [ellipsis] [j079]
The Pulse of Life: Rhythm and Percussion [ellipsis] [j079]
Music from the heart: melody [ellipsis cd3210d] [j067]
Langstaff, John
Blow, Ye Winds, in the Morning [revels records cd 1084] '92 [j079]
a circle is cast [spinning records srcd-002] [j069]
Various Artists
Orbitones Spoon Harps and Bellowphones [ellipsis arts... cd 3610] '98 [j083]
Planet Soup [ellipsis arts... cd3450] [3x] [lvb] '95 [j090]
Planet Soup [ellipsis arts... cd3450] [3x] [lvb] '95 [j090]
Planet Soup [ellipsis arts... cd3450] [3x] [lvb] '95 [j090]
welt musik [line/monsun mscd 9.00700 o] [j090]
World Voices 1 [world class records 11304-2] '98 [j083]
Women's World Voices-1 [blue flame 398 50322] '99 [j163]
Women's World Voices-2 [j090]

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