[Smofs and Fans] Convention Parties

Rev. 26-Feb-2001

Documenting your Party

Party Expenses
A form to track your expenses. Keep it in the same envelope as where you put your receipts, and fill it in as you shop.
Party Inventory Sheet - print first page only, as many copies as you need
As you shop for the party, you can fill these sheets in. Or, once you've shopped, if you then pack all the supplies into boxes for carrying to the party, fill in the sheets as you put everything into their boxes.
Under "Initial purchase" you can write in how much you have. (This can include donated or loaned materials.) If you're running more than one party night and run out of something, you can mark in how much you bought on the second shopping run under "Resupply amounts."
Under "Notes" you can indicate whether any sort of prep is required, as opposed to just open the package and dump. (For example, slicing fruit.) Also you can make notes on what was a hit, or not.
Soda Inventory Sheet
You may want to save a copy of this and adapt it for your own use. Soda flavors and preferences vary by region. You can write in exactly what you buy - for example, if you buy Mug Root Beer, indicate that instead of the A&W Root Beer shown on this sheet. You probably won't buy 7up, Sprite, and Slice, but if you buy one of them, you can mark which one you get.
Party Report and Soda History Sheet
A place to write down a summary of your party, for your files.
Party packing and Party food checklist
Things that I want to make sure I bring
Soda Consumption Notes
My own notes on sodas and parties.