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65 discs as of 23-Apr-2006

Mambo, Swing and Neo-Swing and other old pop styles.

Swing Era (Swing, Jazz, Mambo)

Andrews Sisters
Greatest Hits [curb d2-77400] '90 [j110]
The very best of The Andrews Sisters [2x] [disconforme cdx7709] '01 [j154]
The very best of The Andrews Sisters [2x] [disconforme cdx7709] '01 [j154]
Armstrong, Louis
Priceless Jazz 3 [j006]
Basie, Count
Big Band Fever Disc 2 [madacy osb-2-1328-2] [j062]
Calloway, Cab
Minnie the Moocher [sld21152] '95 [j128]
Cugat, Xavier and his orchestra
Golden Classics [col-5666 a 26538] '95 [j056]
Dorsey, Tommy
big band fever disc 3 [madacy osb-2-1328-3] [j062]
Best of Tommy Dorsey [first choice fc 4563] '93 [j062]
Ellington, Duke
big band fever disc 1 [madacy osb-2-1328-1] [j062]
Goodman, Benny I'd like more from this artist
The best of benny goodman [cbs a 21333] [j062]
with Glenn Miller Orchestra: big band spectacular vol. i [madacy s-4561] [j062]
with Glenn Miller Orch: big band spectacular vol. ii [madacy s-4562] [j062]
Glenn Miller
Chattanooga Choo Choo -- The #1 Hits [bluebird 3102-2-rb] '91 [j048]
I Got Rhythm [sony music special products a 15907] [j116]
Glenn Miller Orchestra
In The Digital Mood [grp records grd-9502] [j062]

Charlie Parker
The Gold Collection [fine tune 1114-2] '98 [j081]
Pérez Prado and His Orchestra
Mondo Mambo! [rhino rca bmg r2 71889 drci-1242] '95 [j081]
Havana, 3 a.m. [rca/bmg 2444-2-rl] '65 [j081]
Epoca De Oro [bmg u.s.latin 74321-66720-2] [j095]
Waring, Fred
Greatest Hits [bmg special products/collector's choice music ccm-175-2] '00 [j168]
Various Artists
All That Jazz [j014]
1930's Big Bands [columbia ck 40651] '87 [j082]
Various Artists
Let's Swing Disc 1 [efrem/platinum/intersound 1447] [j116]
Let's Swing Disc 2 [efrem/platinum/intersound 1448] [j116]
Let's Swing Disc 3 [efrem/platinum/intersound 1449] [j116]
Let's Swing Disc 4 [efrem/platinum/intersound 1450] [j116]
Nipper's Greatest Hits - Various Artists
Nipper's Greatest Hits - the 20's [j095]
Nipper's Greatest Hits - the 30's Vol. 1 [rca 9971-2-r] '90 [j128]
Nipper's Greatest Hits - the 30's Vol. 2 [rca 9972-2-r] '90 [j109]
Nipper's Greatest Hits - the 40's Vol. 1 [rca 9855-2-r] '89 [j116]
Nipper's Greatest Hits - the 40's Vol. 2 [rca 9864-2-r] [j097]

Various Artists
Roots of Swing n' Jive: Jersey Bounce, The [retro jiv47132] [j081]
Roots of Swing n' Jive: Swingin' The Blues, The [retro jiv47142] '98 [j081]
London is the Place For Me 2 [honest jon's records 0946 335812 2 7] '05 [j199]

Neo Swing and Mambo

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: Americana Deluxe [emi-capitol/coolsville cdp 7243 4 93338 2 6] '98 [j116]
Cherry Poppin' Daddies
The Swingin' Hits of the Cherry Poppin' Daddies [mojo ud-53081] '97 [j116]
Flying Neutrinos, The
I'd Rather be in New Orleans [artists only! aor-20] '99 [j116]
The "Hotel Child" [artists only! aor33] '00 [j116]
Royal Crown Revue
Kings of Gangster Bop [big daddy/byo 023cd] '91 [j116]
Mugzy's Move [warner bros 9 46931-2] '96 [j116]
Caught in the Act [Surfdog Records 44003-2] '97 [j116]
The Contender [warner bros 9 47020-2] '98 [j116]
Squirrel Nut Zippers
Inevitable, The [mammoth mr0105-2] '95 [j021]
Perennial Favorites [Mammoth 345 980 169-2] '98 [j021]
Hot [j006]
Sanchez, Poncho
Fuerte! [2x] (Conga Caliente disc 1) [concord picante [ccd2-2120-2] '88 [j152]
La Familia [2x] (Conga Caliente disc 2) [concord picante [ccd2-2120-2]'89 [j152]
Setzer, Brian, Orchestra
Dirty Boogie, The [j105]
Smith, Lavay, and Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers
One Hour Mama [fat note records fn0001] '96 [j120]
Swings, The
Ondrej Havelka Presents [angel 7243 8 54881 2 2] '95 [j081]
Various Artists -- Putumayo Presents
Swing Around The World [putumayo world music put 239-2] '05 [j199]

Retro Pop

Crumb, R., and the Cheap Suit Serenaders
Chasin' Rainbows [shanachie 6002] '93 [j151]
Singing In The Bathtub [shanachie 6003] '93 [j128]
Cabaret Mañana [rca bg2 66657] [j105]
Floren, Myron
24 Polka's Greatest Hits [ross 6627-2] [j066]
Lyman, Arthur
Pearly Shells [gnp/crescendo 40686-2] '04 [j197]
Taboo: the greatest hits of Arthur Lyman [re empire 545 450 633-2] '04 [j197]
Merrill, Buddy
Beyond The Reef [accent acd-5034/gnp crescendo] '70 [j185]
The Exciting Guitars of Buddy Merrill - 25 All Time Hits [accent acd 5038] '98 [j193]
Jerry Murad's Harmonicats
Greatest Hits [columbia ck 9511]
Greatest Hits/Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White [collectables records col-cd-6027 sony a-33730] '99 [j167]
Three Suns, The
The Very Best of The Three Suns [taragon/bmg tarcd-1063/drc12292] '99 [j111]
History Of Space-Age Pop
Vol. 1-Melodies and Mischief [j094]
Vol. 2-Mallets In Wonderland [j094]
Vol. 3-The Stereo Action Dimension [rca 07863 66647-2] '95 [j094]
Various Artists
Legends of Ukulele [rhino r2 75278] '98 [j133]
Various Artists
Swing Alive [j004]
Swing is Alive [mca mcad-21056] '98 [j081]
Swing It! [beloved recordings beg21018-2] '99 [j116]

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