Baden Family CD Collection: Blues, Bluegrass, Folk Collections

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Links on album titles go to where you can buy your own copies, or look up what they have to say about the albums. I bought a lot of mine there...

Collections - Blues, Bluegrass, Folk

18 discs as of 30-Mar-2004

Blues Collections

Various Artists
Beauty of the blues, The (roots n' blues sampler) [j052]
Blues collection disc 1 [madacy osb-2-1332-1] '97 [j052]
Blues collection disc 2 [madacy osb-2-1332-2] '97 [j052]
Blues collection disc 3 [madacy osb-2-1332-3] '97 [j052]
Classic Blues [msd-37288] '99 [j052]
Ladies Sing the Blues [madacy ksw2 8882] '2000 [j052]
All Alone [madacy ksw2 8882] '2000 [j052]
My Man, My Woman [madacy ksw2 8882] '2000 [j002]
Born on the Blues [mca mcad-21142] '99 [j052]

Bluegrass Collections

Various Artists
Appalachian Stomp: Bluegrass Classics [rhino r2 71870] '95 [j054]
Bluegrass Essentials (Vol. 1) [hip-o hipd-40102] '98 [j157]
Bluegrass Essentials Vol. 2 [hip-o 314 564682 2] '99 [j054]
50 Years of Bluegrass Hits Vol. 2 [cmh cd-9046] '00 [j134]

Folk Collections

Smithsonian Collection
Folk Song America 1: a 20th Century Revival [4x] [rd 046-1] [j133]
Folk Song America 2: a 20th Century Revival [4x] [rd 046-2] [j133]
Folk Song America 3: a 20th Century Revival [4x] [rd 046-3] [j133]
Folk Song America 4: a 20th Century Revival [4x] [rd 046-4] [j133]
This Land Is Your Land Live: The Folk Years [j176]

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