Baden Family CD Collection: Environments, Sound Effects

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33 discs as of 27-Feb-2003
In the Absence of Man series
Dawn at Josiah's Bay [daring cd 2001] '87 [j144]
Mid-Day on Jost Van Dyke [daring cd 2002] [j094]
Vermont Stream [daring cd 2003] '87 [j151]
Vermont Hearth [daring cd 2004] '87 [j094] [j144]
Atmosphere Collection, The
Tropical Surf: A Week in Hawaii [rykdodisc rcd 30069] '87 [j144]
timberwolf in the tall pines [rykodisc rcd 30157] [j094]
Echoes of Nature
american wilds [laserlight 12 148] [j091]
ocean waves [laserlight 12 149] [j091]
morning songbirds [laserlight 12 150] '92 [j091]
thunderstorm [laserlight 12 151] [j091]
frog chorus [laserlight 12 152] [j091]
Rainforest [laserlight 12 251] [j091]
bayou [laserlight 12 252] [j091]
jungle talk [laserlight 12 253] [j091]
sampler [laserlight 12 255] [j091]
Environmental Sounds
Tropical Jungle [nature co] [j091]
Gentle Persuasion: The Sounds of Nature
Sounds of the Jungle [special music scd-4945] '91 [j091]
Electrifying Thunderstorms '97 [special music spjn 4534] [j096]
The Surf of the Pacific Shores '91 [special music spjn 4955] [j096]
Sounds of a Tropical Rain Forest [special music spjn 4586] '97 [j097]
Sounds of Nature Sampler [special music co. scd-4590] '90 [j144]


Hempton, Gordon
Earth Sounds: tennessee nightwalk [peter roberts] [j094]
Earth Sounds: earth's morning song [peter roberts prcd2009] [j094]
Earth Sounds: ebb and flow [peter roberts prcd2001] [j094]
Earth Sounds: cedar creek [peter roberts mpcd5005] [j040]
Earth Sounds: Okanogan Overture [peter roberts prcd2003] '89 [j144]
Earth Sounds: Dawn Chorus [peter roberts mpcd5007] '90 [j144]
Nature's Symphonies
Thunder in the Dark [m music 31 043] '92 [j091]
Relaxing with Nature
thunderstorm * raindrops [maddacy mad-2-2306] [j093]
Steel Rails
Steel Rails under Thundering Skies [bainbridge] [j093]
Holzman, Keith
authentic sound effects volume 1 [elektra 9 60731-2] [j096]
75 spectacular sound effects vol. 1 [ldmi s-4539] [j096]
75 spectacular sound effects vol. 2 [ldmi s-4540] [j096]

Missing in Action

Echoes of Nature
wilderness river [laserlight 12 254] Missing as of Dec-2000

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