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Lynn's Shelf

30 discs as of 23-Apr-2006
Belafonte, Harry
Calypso [rca 07863 53801-2] '92 [j001]
All Time Greatest Hits Vol. 1 [rca 6877-2-r] '78 [j060]
Clooney, Rosemary
16 Biggest Hits [columbia/legacy ck 63553] [j164]
Cunningham, Phil
airs and graces [green linnet glcd 3032] [j057]
English Beat, The
Beat This! The best of The English Beat [go feet/london 40735-2] '00 [j138]
Special Beat Service [go feet/london 31083-2] '82 [j199]
4 Non Blondes
bigger, better, faster, more! [interscope 7 92112-2] [j006]
Gasparyan, Djivan
I will not be sad in this world [opal 9 25885-2] [j057]
Heartbeat - Various Artists
Voices of First Nations Women [smithsonian folkways sf cd 40415] '95 [j056]
The Orphan's Lament [shanachie 64058] [j056]
Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares
Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares [elektra/nonesuch 9 79165-2] '87 [j079]
Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares 2 [elektra/nonesuch 9 79201-2] '88 [j040]
Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares 3 [fontana] [j079]
Ojibway music from minnesota - Various Artists
a century of song for voice and drum [mhs isbn 0-87351-339-8] '97 [j053] [2u]

Baka [hannibal hncd 1357] '90 [j035]
Dance the Devil Away [rykodisc hncd 1369] '91 [j035]
The planxty collection [shanachie 79012] [j061]
Pogues, The
essential [island 314-510 610-2] [j003]
red roses for me [wea 2292-44494-2] [j166]
Rum Sodomy & The Lash [wea records ltd. 2292-44495-2] '85 [j166]
Peace & Love [warner strategic marketing 5046759612] '89 [j196]
Hell's Ditch [island 422-846 999-2] '90 [j166]
Hell's Ditch [bonus tracks] [warner special markets 5046759622] '90/'04 [j196]
Streams of Whiskey: Live in Leysin, Switzerland 1991 [castle records 82310-72002-2] '91 [j196]
Secret Museum of Mankind, The
Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-1948 (Vol. 1) [shanachie/yazoo 7004] '95 [j067]
Central Asia, Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-1948 [shanachie/yazoo 7007] '96 [j067]
Shakespear's Sister
hormonally yours [london 828 266-2] [j002]
Silly Sisters
no more to the dance [shanachie 79069] [j057]
Oi Dai [green linnet glcd 4014] [j082]
Miero [real world records 09463-46065-2-3] 2006 [j198]
Cosma, Vladimir
Diva original soundtrack [rykodisc rcd 10010] [j003]
Diva original soundtrack [rykodisc rcd 10010] [j003]
Weill, Kurt
Die Dreigroschenoper (Three Penny Opera) [cbs mk 42637] [j120] [2u]


Heatherly, Eric
Swimming in Champagne [mercury 088 170 124-2] '00 [j125] MISSING as of Apr-2006

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