Knotware- Celtic knotwork design program

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Rev. 04-Mar-2001 - Copyright 2001 Chaz Boston Baden

Basic 3x2 Knot

Your name:
Overall dimensions: columns, rows

Breakline Coordinates: (x,y,x,y) x:0-6, y:0-4

What's This?

Open Space (optional). Specify x,y,x,y for top left and lower right corners of area to blank out. For example, to leave an open area in the middle, use 1,1,5,3
Black/White background?
Counted Cross-Stitch option?

How to add Breaklines

There's an invisible grid in the pattern above, where the coordinates range from x=0 on the left to x=6 at the right, and from y=0 at the top to y=4 at the bottom. For example, the top right corner is at (6,0) and the point just inside that corner is at (5,1). To add a breakline, figure out the x and y coordinates of the breakline, and enter them in the Breakline Coordinates box, in the form of x, y, x, y.

For example, to add breaklines just inside the left and right sides of the pattern, use


Or, try this:


Special Note: Each breakline must consist of either all odd numbers, or all even numbers.

If all this is too confusing to deal with, take a look at Constructing a Celtic Knot by Marc Wallace. The "Inside Borders" he describes are what I call Breaklines. His example is a 3x3 knot with breaklines as follows:
1,1, 3,1
4,2, 4,4
1,3, 1,5, 3,5
He has 4x4 and 5x5 examples with the breaklines shown on a grid. You'll have to figure out the coordinates to get them to work here.