Webmastering the Worldcon, Part 24

Chaz Boston Baden, smofsweb@bostonbaden.com
Rev. 06-Apr-1997

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Key Pieces of Paperwork: Hotel Booking Forms

While there's certainly a limit on how many different variations you should keep of the hotel form, I'd suggest having a 72-dpi version as well as a 300-dpi version, and possibly also either 90 or 100. (I had both 90 and 100, but that was probably overkill.) They should all be legible at those resolutions - comparable to what you'd get if it was faxed. Certain browsers CRASH on really huge GIFs. The 72-dpi version should be the right size to comfortable view on most graphical screens; the 90-dpi or 100-dpi, being a few more pixels wide, should have a better chance of filling the page when printed from the browser.

And, be prepared to create a plain-ascii-text version of the form that has everything in about the right place. This was something I asked permission for, and was told "no, it's got to match the form exactly" in January... but by July, the hotel res people were happy just to get pieces of paper with all the necessary information on it. Being able to include the plain text in an e-mail message to folks was Very Handy.

I think one of the more, ahem, interesting aspects of running a website for the Worldcon is that the rules change over time. I honestly don't think it's a matter of people simply changing their mind; I think it might not have been appropriate to have reservation forms without our logo on them in January, but when the convention is a month or so away and a bigger chunk of the con-vis bureau's calls are about us, it makes more sense in July.

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