Webmastering the Worldcon, Part 7

Chaz Boston Baden, smofsweb@bostonbaden.com
Rev. 06-Apr-1997

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Maintaining Parallel Pages

"How do you, Jack, maintain several versions of the same page? Especially when that extends to sub-page after sub-page... that is, if you have a separate page (different file, different URL) for each department, how do you handle simultanous updates of different versions?" (Chaz Boston Baden)

"I'd like to know that too. I've been toying with the idea of adding my own mark-ups meaning "include/exclude in this type of page" and writing a piece of software that would automatically churn out the page variants. I'd probably do it in Pascal because that somes easiest, but it is only text processing so Im sure you can do it in PERL or some such. However, this isn't going to sit well with my integrated web page development environment (currently Alchemy)." (Cheryl Morgan)

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