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From: Chad Childers
Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.fandom
Subject: Re: Romancing the INternet
Date: 10 May 1995 17:54:32 GMT

: Well, Mr Edwards, sir, I'm on to =you= -- but I'm not sure yet about
: Patricia Nielsen Hayden, Bernadette Yalow, Robin Hansen, Hazel Netcomcom,

You're not alone if you're confused about Hazel-Chaz... I'm never sure whether I'm talking to her, her husband, or a container of warm jello she made with just enough of the right impurities to develop sentience! ;-)

No offense, Hazel, you're doing a great job with the SF Resources list... whoever you are!

/* Chad Childers */

Carol Phillips, 8 April 2001

Great site.