Chaz's CD Wish List

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Rev. 06-Nov-2006

Category #1: "Any"

I'd be interested in any CD's by these artists. I've seen some of them on compilation ("Varous Artists") albums. Others I have on LP, but not on CD.
  1. any surf music from: Fathoms, Huntington Cans, Man or Astro-Man?, Mermen, Mulchmen, Sandblasters, Satan's Pilgrims, Saboteurs, Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited, Tiki Tones, Torpedos
  2. Ajaye, Franklin (comedy)
  3. Benichou, André, and his Well-Tempered Three
  4. Bream, Julian, classical guitar?
  5. Captain and Tenille
  6. Darin, Bobby
  7. Forty Fabulous Fingers
  8. Fox, Virgil, organ
  9. Markko Polo Adventures
  10. Mendes, Sergio, and Brasil '66
  11. Mojo Nixon
  12. Murphey, Michael
  13. Ostroushko, Peter -- any except Coming Down From Red Lodge
  14. Poundstone, Paula (comedy)
  15. Rockwell
  16. Romeros, Los
  17. Rudner, Rita (comedy)
  18. Williams, John, Classical Guitarist

Category #2: "Set Completers"

These are albums that are part of an (incomplete) series. Note that some of them are record club or TV specials, and might show up in used record bins.
  • Golden Throats #1, #3
  • Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares 4
  • Nipper's Greatest Hits: 1901-1920
  • Rock Is Dead But It Won't Lie Down, Volume 1
  • Ultimate History of Rock 'n' Roll, Chapter 1 through 4
  • 18 New Wave Clasics Volume 1
  • Bach played by E. Power Biggs - The Great Preludes and Fugues, Vol. I

Category #3: Soundtrack Albums

If you ever see them on CD, grab them please.
  • Blue Thunder
  • Gremlins
  • More Monty
  • Pink Panther, The
  • Rumblefish
  • Time Bandits
  • Trail of the Pink Panther, The
  • Twilight Zone: The Movie