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79 discs as of 20-Apr-2006

Mizzy, Vic
Addams Family (tv), The [rca 07863 61057-2] [j050]
Paddy Moloney
Agnes Browne [decca 289 466 939-2] '99 [j102]
Various artists
Animal House [mca mcad-31023] '78 [j125]
Franke, Christopher:
Babylon 5 [sonic images si 8402-2] ltd. ed. [j004]
Babylon 5: Walkabout [sonic images sio-0318] '96 [j004]
Babylon 5: Shadow Dancing [sonic images sio-0321] '96 [j014]
Motion Picture Score
Batman [Elfman] [warner] [j051]
Menken, Alan, and Ashman, Howard
Beauty And The Beast [walt disney] [j003]
Movie Soundtrack
Beverly Hills Cop [mca] [j001]
Blast From The Past [capitol cdp 7243 4 98690 2 8] '98 [j102]
Various artists
Blues Brothers, The [atlantic] [j032]
Chariots of Fire [polydor 800 020-2] '81 [j122]
Dupere, Rene
Cirque du Soleil: saltimbanco [rca 09026-61486-2] '92 [j016]
Various artists
Clockwork Orange, A [warner 2573-2] '72 [j051]
Cocktail [elektra] [j001]
Color Purple, The [qwest 9 25389-2] '85 [j115]

Various Artists
Songs From The Cool World [warner bros 9 45009-2] '92 [j122]
Carpenter, John
Escape from New York [varese sarabande] [j004]
k.d. lang
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues [j061]
Various artists
Fame [mgm/rso] [j004]
Stokowski, Leopold, Phila. Orch.
Fantasia disc 1 [buena vista 600072] [j001]
Fantasia disc 2 [buena vista 600072] [j001]
John William, Isaac Stern
Fiddler on the Roof [emi usa cdp 7 46091 2] '71 [j052]
Various artists
Forrest Gump disc 1 [epic soundtrax e2k 66329] '94 [2x] [j051]
Forrest Gump disc 2 [epic soundtrax e2k 66329] '94 [2x] [j051]
Vangelis UBL
1492: Conquest of Paradise [atlantic 7 82432-2] [j080]
Various artists
French Kiss [mercury 314 528 136-2] '95 [j122]
Full Metal Jacket [warner 9 25613-2] [j006]
Full Monty, The [bmg 09026-68904-2] '97 [j033]
Ghostbusters [arista arcd 8246] '84 [j115]
Good Morning, Vietnam [a&m cd 3913/dx 2497] '88 [j102]
Honeymoon in Vegas [epic ek 52845] '92 [j003]

Various artists
Kiki's Delivery Service [ever anime int'l records co. ltd. AnG-204] (taiwan version, only 12 tracks) [j164]
La Bamba [slash/warner] [j027]
Lawrence of arabia [varese sarabande vsd-5263] [j053]
Less Than Zero [tp] [columbia ck 44042] [j027]
Love Hina [ever anime a8-1263/1264] [2x/1u] [j164]
Love Hina [ever anime a8-1263/1264] [2x/1u] [j164]
Mambo Kings, The [elektra 9 61240-2] [j052]
Mars Attacks! [atlantic 82992-2] '96 [j051]
Mickey Blue Eyes [milan 73138-35888-2] '99 [j103]
Moroder, Georgio UBL
Midnight Express [casablanca] [j051]
Various artists
Mystery Men [interscope intd-90345] '99 [j059]
Never Been Kissed [capitol cdp 7243 4 98505 2 1] '99 [j024]
Eurythmics UBL
1984 (for the love of big brother) [rca] [j013]
Various artists
more music from Northern Exposure [mca mcad-11077] [j009]
Revenge of the Nerds [rock 'n' roll 72392 75539-2] '84 [j122]
Risky Business [virgin cdv2302] [j023]

Various artists
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The [ode r2 70712] '89 [j162]
Romeo + Juliet [capitol cdp 7243 8 37715 0 9] '96 [j043] [j075] [j093]
Sabrina the Teenage Witch [geffen gefd-25220] '98 [j051]
Simpsons, The: songs in the key of springfield [rhino r2 72723] '97 [j066]
Spirited Away [ever anime a8-1389] '01 [j167]
Stand By Me [atlantic 7 81677-2] [j022]
Williams, John; London Symphony
Star Wars [polydor 800 096-2] [2x] [j044]
Star Wars [polydor 800 096-2] [2x] [j044]
Star Wars: A New Hope [rca 09026-68772-2] [2x] [j021]
Star Wars: A New Hope [rca 09026-68772-2] [2x] [j021]
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back [rca 09026-68747-2] [2x] [j004]
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back [rca 09026-68747-2] [2x] [j004]
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi [rca 09026-68748-2] [2x] [j021] [j051]
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi [rca 09026-68748-2] [2x] [j021] [j051]
Evil Genius Orchestra
Cocktails In The Cantina [oglio ogl 89110-2] '99 [j173]
Various artists
Sting, The [mca mcad-11836] '74 [j115]

Richard, Cliff, and the Shadows
Summer Holiday [mfp cd-mfp 6021/cdb 7 52058 2] '63 [j145]
Various Artists
To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar [mcad-11231] '95 [j051]
Traveller [asylum 62030-2] [j003]
Charest, Ben
Triplets of Bellville, The [higher octave soundtracks 72435 96811 2 2]'03 [j188]
Badalamenti, Angelo
twin peaks [j002]
Various Artists
Wedding Singer, The [maverick/warner bros. 9 46840-2] '97 [j004]
Connick Jr., Harry
When Harry Met Sally... [columbia ck 45319] '89 [j048]
Various Artists
Wild America [morgan creek edel 00368222edl] '97 [j001]
Newton-John, Olivia and ELO UBL, UBL
Xanadu [jet 465054 2] '80 [j024]
Elfman, Danny
music for a darkened theatre (film and tv music vol. 1) [j051]
Various Artists
stay awake: Various interpretations... [a&m] [j003]
Mancini, Henry, and orchestra
mancini's classic movie scores [rca] [j034]
Teevee Toons
Television's Greatest Hits (50's and 60's) [j025]
television's greatest hits volume ii [teevee toons] [j025]
Television's greatest hits 70's and 80's [teevee toons] [j025]

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