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Box 88. There's treasure everywhere, by Bill Waterson;
The Calvin and Hobbes tenth anniversary book, by Bill Waterson;
Graphic Worlds of Peter Bruegel the Elder;
One last little peak, 1980-1985, by Berkeley Breathed;
Mutts: Sunday afternoons;
Mutts: Sundays;
Mutts: Sunday Evenings;
Mutts: Sunday Mornings;
Survival guide for the nineties;
Dead lawyers and other pleasant thoughts;
Come fight a kite;
Punography Too;
California reefs;
Robert Irwin Getty Garden;
The light of the past;
Enchantment, by Doris and Boris Vallejo;
Frank Frazetta: Book Five;
Built to Last: Grateful Dead 25th Anniversary Album;
The Pulps;
United States Postal Service 1987 Mint Set of Commemorative Stamps;
Brewster Rockett, Space Guy;
Sunshine & Shadow;
"It Must Be Nice to Be Little" by Lynn Johnston;
Graduation: Time for Change, by Lynn Johnston;
Growing Like a Weed, by Lynn Johnston;
Beetley Bailey celebration;
Sound Sleepings in The Neighborhood;
Mutts: I want to be the kitty;
Mutts II: Cats and dogs;
Remembering Farley, by Lynn Johnston. (DW)

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Photos by Chaz Boston Baden.

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