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Christian B. McGuire at the sandwich shop.

(2010-02-27 18:32:21)

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Previous: Observations 1. Pure Evil has strong teratogenic effects, with a tendency to produce asymmetry.2. These effects vary widely, without a clear progression along a phenotypic path.3. At higher doses, there can be inclusions of tissue from other species (kingdoms? phyla? we have yet to identify that purple wiggly stuff in specimen #7).Notes1. Specimen #9. This lump of discolored stuffing was miscarried at 2 months.2. At the dosage of 1000ppm, pregnancy appeared to be reabsorbed before the 2 month mark. Administration of Pure Evil at the same dosage continued. By the 3 month mark, subject developed dental hypertrophy, ocular luminescence, and extreme behavioral changes. At 3 months 2 weeks, subject chewed through the steel bars of its cage, after which it killed and partially consumed two graduate students. Subject was then euthanized with a sustained burst of automatic weapons fire.ConclusionsPure Evil\Back to ConDor 17 part 4: Saturday Evening (27-Feb-2010)Next: Christian B. McGuire at the sandwich shop.

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