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Box 99. Paper, paper-making, and "found object" crafts. The art and craft of papier mâché;
Summer wildcrafts;
The complete book of Papercrafts;
Natural impressions;
Papercraft of the World;
Papercrafts and Origami;
Making & Decorating Your Own Paper;
Greeting Cards from A to Z;
Nature crafts with a Microwave;
Natural crafts from America's backyards;
Paper crafts;
Step-by-step printmaking;
The weekend crafter series: Gourd crafts;
Papier mâché;
It's a Snap!;
Folk Art Gifts;
The Scrap Craft project book;
Patchwork Puzzle Balls;
Retro Revamp;
Napkin decoupage: simple, clever, effective;
More crafts for fun;
The button make;
Collage and Assemblage;
Art from found materials;
Pack 'n' go puzzles in plastic canvas;
Sock bunnies;
Darling dowel dolls;
Year round welcome in plastic canvas;
Quick & Easy Scrap Projects;
More about Decoupage;
Masterpices in paper;
Travel Totes & Bags;
Clotilde's Sewing;
Herb & Spice Decorations (two copies);
Puppet Pals. (DW)

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Photos by Chaz Boston Baden.

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