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Box 65: A Distanced Land: The photographs of John Pfahl;
The garden of Claude Monet;
Fractals: The patterns of chaos;
The Olympic spirit;
On the Trail of the Desert Wildflower;
Diving the Rainbow Reefs;
Wild Creatures;
Art Nouveau;
Art Deco;
Cats in the Sun;
Asleep in the Sun;
La Brea Story;
Dancing with Cats;
Why paint cats;
Why cats paint;
Early American automobiles;
Uncle Debunkel, or the Barely Believable Bear;
Three little horses;
The Far Side Observer;
Manners can be fun;
A Cigar Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry;
Desert Wildlife;
Life at McPherson High;
The illustrated Surgeon General's report on cigarette smoking;
Monterey Bay Aquarium. (DW)

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Photos by Chaz Boston Baden.

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