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"Tickle." The clock struck midnight and the baby ponies were still awake! "They've been tossing and turning all night," Mother Firefly fretted to her pegasus friend Tickle. "What can we do to get them to sleep?"

Tickle knew exactly what to do. While Firefly told the babies a bedtime story, she flew into the clouds, her rainbow mane trailing behind her. Hidden beneath a silver cloud was Tickle's pillowcase full of the beautiful, soft feathers.

She stuffed the feathers into a large comforter and made a fluffy feather bed for the baby ponies. They fell asleep immediately.

They were still asleep at breakfast time. Tickle gently brushed a long feather under each baby's nose. The baby ponies woke, feeling very frisky. Suddenly, feathers were flying everywhere as the baby ponies jumped up and down on their feather bed! Tickle and Firefly laughed and joined the baby ponies in a playful pillow fight.

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