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Leilani Hodge and Frank King (aka Gozer's Goon) with "Hentai Inside" t-shirt..

Message received from "Melissa": "I know leilani, if you could tell to email me at [address], i'd appreciate it, thanks." Sorry, Melissa, I just met her the one time... Message received from Jon Bunch: "My name is Jon and I knew leilani back in barstow. I read you only met her once, but if you might be able to give me the email of someone who might be able to reach her that would be chill." Leilani, if you find this, click on your picture to send me a message and I'll put you in touch with Melissa and Jon. And another message receive from Scott Ragan: "Hey Leilani was my neighbor back in highschool and my girlfriend for a short time, I lost touch with her last year was wondering if you had any way of contacting her or an email for her, the one i have she aparently dosent check anymore."

(2004-07-04 16:49:00)

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