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Wendy Theophilus Allen, James Allen. One of the handful of married couples who are both from the CMHS Class of 1981.

Wendy's memory book page says: "James and I have been so busy raising our 3 boys that it seems amazing 10 years have gone by. We are back in Davis, where I am lucky to have great friends who, like us, are into biking and skiing. Our sons keep us involved with their swim team, and I am the director of an after school athletics program at their school. James and I ride our tandem on a regular basis, and we do organized events including a century each fall and a double century every May. We love where we live... close to Napa, Tahoe and San Francisco, but we still miss the beach!"

James Allen's memory book page says: "I think the last 10 years have been busier than ever. I finished my residency and started working private practice in Davis as part of a nine man anesthesiology group. Wendy and I have three boys [Jake 12, Trevor 9, Wade 7] that keep us on our toes. In between we find time for a lot of road and mountain bike riding in the local countryside and coastal range. We head to the Sierras often in the winter for skiing and snowboarding with the boys at Squaw Valley or Sugar Bowl."

Wendy's someone I recall from CMHS -- probably more because of the unusual name. Sometimes I think we were a class of challenging names, and yet since I grew up with kids with names that the teachers seemed to find difficult I've had almost no trouble keeping track of the correct spelling. (Admittedly, David Darnall and Stephanie Darnell in the same class was something you just had to learn and practice.) But you'll never mistake Theophilus for Theopolis if you remember that it's "philus" as in friend or love (such as -philia or -phile), not "-opolis" as in a city (such as Metropolis). Isn't that simple? Perhaps I flatter myself but I think I never misplaced her second H. Or am I just indulging in retroactive perfection?

(2001-07-21 )

Photos by Chaz Boston Baden.

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