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You can see how the bookcase is filling up. The the bottom row, third column, has our dictionaries and similar references. We've installed the answering machine here, and Lynn's laptop computer and printer are temporarily situated here. The cord situation is ugly, because the nearest power two outlets are on the right (next to the lightswitch) and we can't fit one of those "six-in-one" receptables over them, while the phone jack is on the left wall. There's also more power on the left wall, but it's switched off of a lightswitch-dimmer. Clearly this is a temporary solution...

(2001-04-09 )

Photos by Chaz Boston Baden.

Previous: Maria Rodriguez has found the piano nook to be a nice place to read... covered up in a blanket... maybe even spend the night. Starlit the Cat stands guard on the orange chair.Back to Remodeling Monster 10: Invisible Piano (Mar/Apr/May-2001)Next: I ran out of room to put all of our oversize books here. So the oversize books that could actually fit on their "proper" shelves are being relocated, such as the cartoon books that were on the two left top shelves.

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