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Sherri Benoun and Tadao Tomomatsu figure out what to load next. The jumbo rental truck is in the background. All of the Con José Art Show materials on loan from LASFS are already on board, as is all of the soda purchased for the parties. The truck is here at the house in order to load up all of the mail-in art, and all of the bid stuff goes in last (and will be taken off first and stashed in Elizabeth and Jerome's room at the Fairmont).

(2002-08-25 15:52:00)

Photos by Chaz Boston Baden.

Previous: Material for the L.A. in 2006 Worldcon Bid Parties to be held at Con José. At left is a heavy-duty rack in a box (you can see the drawing of what it will look like assembled), with two small carpets on top. (We intended to use the carpets to catch drips and save the suite\Back to Con Jose Part 1: Truck Loading at Elizabeth and Jerome's (25-Aug-2002)Next: Sherri, Chaz Boston Baden, Michael Mason, Greg Bilan, and Tadao Tomomatsu, getting all of those #10 cans of food onto the truck. This was heartbreaking, in that we didn\

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