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Vernor Vinge inspects his halo. (Since Vernor created the universe that inspired the party's theme, he is therefore the god of the party.) Ben Massoglia and Charles Herbig on the right.

(2000-05-00 )

Photos by Chaz Boston Baden.

Caption help for this group of 11 photos received from Colleen Crosby.

Previous: A few bananas, two cans of macaroons, and Macarooni and Cheese. The macaroons are Kosher for Passover, one tin has "Cookies and Cream" flavor, the other has "Chocolate Chunk with Cherry Bits." The Macarooni and Cheese contains real cheese, we made the batch that evening. (Note for future: I should have packed a colander or something to drain the pasta after we boiled it. And we should have started boiling water up to an hour before we needed to have a crockpot full of boiling water.)Back to ConDor 8 (May-2000) part 17Next: Vernor Vinge, Sandra Childress.

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