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Frank Waller on the left of the front row at the far side of the room holding a can of soda, Barksdale Hales turning to look behind, and on the other side of the aisle is Ed Austin in a white t-shirt; next row, someone on the left in a khaki jacket and glasses, and Joe Zeff reading a magazine, and then on the other side of the aisle we have Len Moffatt, and June Moffatt's shirt visible next to Len; in the next row we have someone in a plaid shirt behind Bill's elbow, Bill Green in a light blue shirt, drinking a soda, and Kay Shapero with her hand on a book; then someone in a blue shirt in front of the emergency exit, Matthew B. Tepper in a sweater with white collar showing, R-Laurraine Tutihasi, and a lady in dark green hat; Rebecca Barber standing up, Steffnee Peterman seated looking up at her; in the very back is Suze Campagna to the left of Shaun Piron, Shaun Piron standing up in his green jacket, Evelyn sitting down laughing, Peggy Little behind Evelyn, Jim Terry way n the back behind Peggy on the left, and a bit of someone else I can't make out on the right behind Peggy.

(1999-12-30 )

Photos by Chaz Boston Baden.

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