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Barry Lyn-Waitsman (last year's FGOH), John Donat. Barry, who (with his wife Marcy) had been FGOH last year, explained that they had a bunch of "MET FGOH" ribbons that they handed out to everyone they met. He asked if I'd like to continue the tradition. They'd been given 500 ribbons the year before and had some left at the end of the con.

(1999-11-11 )

Photos by Chaz Boston Baden.

Back to Windycon 26 Part #2: Thursday, 11-Nov-1999Next: Rick Waterson, chair. Rick had e-mailed me at the beginning of the year inviting me to be the Fan Guest of Honor. I agreed, and later on I took a look at the Windycon web page where it said:  Welcome to the WindyCon XXVI Web Page! As we stand on the cusp of a new millennium, it seems right that we should recognize the technology that Science Fiction dreamed of and Science made reality.

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