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What is "Hazel's Picture Gallery?" This is a collection of photos, mostly taken by myself (Chaz "Hazel" Boston Baden) and my friends. As of 2009, we have over 50000 photos online (not including the lost images, 80% of which we have thumbnails for), and over 9,000 names indexed in the Cross-Reference.

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In February 1997, I purchased a digital camera, the Casio QV-10A. Then in August 1999, I bought a new one, the Olympus D-340R. A year later, while attending Chicon 2000 (the 2000 World Science Fiction Convention), I left the D-340R in a cab, and then in December 2000 we purchased the Olmypus "D-460 Zoom" model. I dropped that one a few too many times and its reliability dropped dramatically. In Dec. 2002 we bought a Fuji Finepix 2650 which also has zoom and flash, and 2 megapixel capability. Sadly, that camera disappeared in March 2003; I can't seem to find where I left it at home or office.

More recently, after losing a mid-range camera at the Westin Bonventure, I've settled on the Canon PowerShot line, starting with the SX110 and buying a new one as I lose or break them. They're pocket-sized, because if I can keep it in my pocket I'm less likely to drop it between uses. The SX110 through SX160 all used AA batteries, so I could buy rechargeables or get a quick replacement at the convenience store if they ran dry; as of the SX170 (in 2014) they come with their own custom rechargeable battery.

I originally intended to use the Casio in conjunction with newsletters, but there's admittedly a limited application when you consider the finished product is going to be reproduced on a high-speed but possibly low-grade photocopier. And when I first told my wife I wanted to get the camera, she didn't really think I would get much use out of it, but could see that I wanted a new toy and so she raised no objections. She's been surprised how much I've used the camera. As you can see, I've been busy...

If you want to find out if I have a picture of you, you can go to the Cross-Reference List and look your name up. If you have any corrections for the Cross-Reference, please send them to me at the usual address, or post a note.

You'll note that the Picture Gallery web pages have a very simple look to them - most of them just have pictures on the left side, going down, and most of these pages have no more than about 10-20 photos. This is to keep the load time short, and also they're less likely to overload browsers (especially older ones).

The basic pages are generated by some custom database software I wrote, and they're static pages; when you click on a thumbnail it brings up a dynamically generated page that will let you submit caption updates. That's been an ongoing project since 2005. But the website has had stable URLs for over a decade, so the search engines love us.

Shot by a Bear In 2011, I added a new portal at which just serves up links to the most recent batch of photos uploaded. I also started distributing "SHOT by a BEAR .com" badge ribbons so that I wouldn't have to hand out a business card each time I took a picture if they were also getting a ribbon. In 2014, I started revamping the main entry page for Hazel's Picture Gallery.

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