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Friends Part 7 (Dec-1999) (Christmas 1999)


Carmental and Yoda.Carmental and Yoda.
UK 2005 Trip, part 47: Friday at Interaction (05-Aug-2005)

Emma Taylor and Yoda.Emma Taylor and Yoda.
UK 2005 Trip, part 128: Hugo Nominees Reception (07-Aug-2005)


Yoda is my co-pilot.Yoda is my co-pilot.
Costume College 2007 part 12: Saturday Afternoon (04-Aug-2007)

Yoda at Beep's.Yoda at Beep's, looking a lot like Jack Nicholson.
Costume College 2007 part 14: Saturday Afternoon (04-Aug-2007)

Neo_Serenity (Tiffany) and Caroline Smeby at the...Neo_Serenity (Tiffany) and Caroline Smeby at the table, various others. Note Yoda at Beep's, and the other sign says "Shortcut to 3rd Floor: Stairway 4 past Volunteers."
Pacific Media Expo 4 part 6: Saturday (10-Nov-2007)


Tadao Tomomatsu and Yoda.Yoda and Evan James.
Anime Los Angeles 4 part 473: Saturday Evening (05-Jan-2008)


Costume College 2009 part 3: Arriving Thursday Night (30-Jul-2009)


Yoda at the corner.Yoda at the corner.
Anime Los Angeles 6 part 18: Saturday Evening (09-Jan-2010)