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Gowa-chan Whitney Brown as 'Mitarashi Anko' from...Gowa-chan Whitney Brown as "Mitarashi Anko" from Naruto. I gave her the "It's what binds the universe together" ribbons to hand out.
Ani-Magic 6 Part 2: Saturday (01-Oct-2005)


Gowa-chan (Whitney Brown) as 'Adiane' from Gurren...Gowa-chan (Whitney Brown) as 'Adiane' from Gurren...
Cosplay Picnic at Laguna Niguel Regional Park (18-Aug-2007) Part 3

Whitney Brown (Gowa-chan).Whitney Brown (Gowa-chan).
Ani-Magic 8 part 5: Friday Afternoon (05-Oct-2007)

Leslie Burns (Lee-Buddy), Whitney Brown...Leslie Burns (Lee-Buddy), Whitney Brown (Gowa-chan), Nicole N. (Onyx).
Pacific Media Expo 4 part 9: Saturday (10-Nov-2007)