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Tim Szczesuil and Erik V. Olson.Tim Szczesuil and Erik V. Olson.
Chicon 2000 Committee Meeting (14-Jul-2000) Part 1

Chicon 2000 Committee Meeting (Jul-2000) Part 2

Chicon 2000 Committee Meeting (Jul-2000) Part 7


Various fans and ex-Worldcon chairs. Mike...Various fans and ex-Worldcon chairs. Mike Benveniste and Tim Szczesuil on the couch, Tony Lewis in red vest on the right.
Vincent's Picture Gallery: Worldcon 2001: Millennium Philcon, Part 9 - Old Pharts Party (03-Sep-2001)


Ann Broomhead and Tim Szczesuil.Ann Broomhead and Tim Szczesuil.
Boskone 39 Part 18 - Sunday (17-Feb-2002)

Pacific Buffet. Shirley Avery in 'The Incredible...Pacific Buffet. Shirley Avery in "The Incredible Floating East Coat Art Show Crew" t-shirt, Martin Avery in glasses, and Ann Broomhead on the left; Tim Szczesuil at right.
Boskone 39 Part 20 - Sunday Night (17-Feb-2002)

Tim Szczesuil, Ann Broomhead.Tim Szczesuil, Ann Broomhead.
Con Jose Part 5, Thursday (29-Aug-2002)