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Twixx, Sundance, Kris Bauer, Valentina...Twixx, Sundance, Kris Bauer, Valentina Bauer-Landes, and "Tear The Goth" on the floor.
LASFS/Solley's Part 119 (Jun-2001)

'Tear The Goth' with arms crossed."Tear The Goth" with arms crossed.
LASFS Part 124 (21-Jun-2001)

Tear The Goth.Tear The Goth.
Polar Den Party (29-Dec-2001) Part 4

Twixx, Tear The Goth, and Angel.Twixx, Tear The Goth, and Angel.
Polar Den Party (29-Dec-2001) Part 7


Sundance, Karl's nephew Kenny 'Spike' Dodds in...Sundance, Karl's nephew Kenny "Spike" Dodds in front of Tiny, and Tear The Goth. Terry Newton seated foreground.
Pearl's Birthday Party (19-May-2007) Part 2

Tear The Goth balancing his nose on a balloon.Tear The Goth balancing his nose on a balloon.
Pearl's Birthday Party (19-May-2007) Part 3