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Tony (the human) aka 'Blind Pew' and Faldo (his...Tony (the human) aka "Blind Pew" and Faldo (his guide dog). Tony suffers from the same degenerative eye problem as "Vickie Nelson", the heroine of Tanya Huff's "Blood" series -- and if you want to know what that is, go read the series! This was probably Faldo's last con, as he is being retired from his duties, as Tony's guide dog, this year. Well, he's earned his rest, he's 10 years old, after all.
UK 2005 Trip, part 124: Sunday at Interaction (07-Aug-2005)


Guests of Honor Andrea Dale and Tanya Huff.Guests of Honor Andrea Dale and Tanya Huff.
Con-Chord 2007 part 2: Friday (17-Aug-2007)

Tanya Huff, someone else, somebody, and somebody...Tanya Huff.Tanya Huff.
Con-Chord 2007 part 4: Saturday (18-Aug-2007)