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Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink reaches for a napkin,...Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink reaches for a napkin, while Bert Boden (with a walkie-talkie) waits for ice cream. Larry Niven ("Dante") looks through his sheet of "sin" stickers while Steve Gattuso wields a cross made of plastic spoons. I'm not sure who's in the B-5 cap behind Steve.
Anastasia's Picture Gallery: Loscon 26 part 4, Friday Night (26-Nov-1999)


Steve Gattuso salutes (background left) as Edward...Steve Gattuso salutes (background left) as Edward Hooper passes with a bell cart.
Gallifrey 11 (Feb-2000) part 3

Joyce Sperling (in the hat) herding the crowds....Joyce Sperling (in the hat) herding the crowds. Steve Gattuso in tan on right.
Gallifrey 11 (Feb-2000) part 4


Steve Gattuso.Steve Gattuso.
Pat's Picture Gallery: Loscon 30 Part 86: Saturday Afternoon (29-Nov-2003)


Steve Gattuso.Steve Gattuso.Steve Gattuso.
LosCon 35 part 5: Friday (28-Nov-2008)