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Ben Massoglia and Shannah Linker.Ben Massoglia and Shannah Linker.
ConDor 5, Part 9 (Feb-1997)


Shannah Linker with skunk tail, and her sister...Shannah Linker with skunk tail, and her sister Rachael Linker.
ConDor 6, Part 5 (Feb/Mar 1998)


Shannah Linker aka Shadowcat.Shannah Linker aka Shadowcat.
ConDor 9 Part 5 - Saturday (23-Feb-2002)


Cathy Hunt, Shannah Linker.Cathy Hunt, Shannah Linker.
ConDor 10, Part 1: Friday (28-Feb-2003)
ConDor 10, Part 7: Saturday Afternoon (01-Mar-2003)
ConDor 10, Part 8: Saturday Afternoon (01-Mar-2003)
Loscon 30 Part 41: Friday Mid-Day (28-Nov-2003)


G.C.B.S.W.S.A (Chi-cub-wuh-suh), (Genetically...G.C.B.S.W.S.A (Chi-cub-wuh-suh), (Genetically Crossbred Sheep With Scorpions Association), The Wild Hunt (the three founding members): Eris Young (Bamboo), Ceara McCaffrey (The Rose or Black Rose), Shannah Linker (Shadow).
ConDor 13 part 5: Saturday (04-Mar-2006)
ConDor 13 part 10: Saturday Evening (04-Mar-2006)


Shannah Linker.Shannah Linker.
Loscon 34 part 11: Friday Evening (23-Nov-2007)
Loscon 34 part 29: Saturday Afternoon (24-Nov-2007)
Someone on floor, someone else in red, Scott...Someone on floor, someone else in red, Scott Simpson talking to Shannah Linker in kimono, Matthew B. Tepper with ear thing, Sheldon Linker in white, and three or four others.
Loscon 34 part 36: Line for Masquerade (24-Nov-2007)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 303: Coral Cafe (27-Dec-2007)


Kevin 'Ice' Dodds, Eris Young, Shannah Linker,...Kevin "Ice" Dodds, Eris Young, Shannah Linker, somebody, and somebody else.
ConDor 15 part 2: Saturday (01-Mar-2008)
ConDor 15 part 28: Saturday Night (01-Mar-2008)


Richard James (obscured) background left, and...Richard James (obscured) background left, and Shannah Linker.
ConDor 16 part 22: Saturday Night Party (28-Feb-2009)
Loscon 36 part 12: Late Saturday Night (29-Nov-2009)
Shannah Linker, Rayne Burk, and Eris Young.Shannah Linker, Rayne Burk, and Eris Young.
Loscon 36 part 15: Sunday (29-Nov-2009)
Loscon 36 part 16: Sunday (29-Nov-2009)


Rachael Linker, and Wendy getting her head...Rachael Linker, and Wendy getting her head scratched by Shannah Linker.
Anime Los Angeles 6 part 10: Thursday Evening (07/08-Jan-2010)
Sarah's January visit part 3: Sunday (24-Jan-2010)


Shannah Linker.Shannah Linker.
Gallifrey 2011 part 2: Pre-con Meeting (05-Feb-2011)
Cosplay Picnic at Tri-City Park, Placentia (16-Jul-2011) Part 3
Shannah Linker, Chaz Boston Baden.Shannah Linker, Chaz Boston Baden.
Comic-Con International, San Diego 2011: Saturday (23-Jul-2011) Part 2
LASFS Meetings part 444: New Building (01-Sep-2011)
Loscon 38 part 1: Thursday Night (24-Nov-2011)


Rachael Linker, Shannah Linker.Rachael Linker, Shannah Linker.
Gallifrey 2012 part 8: Sunday Evening (19-Feb-2012)
Cosplay Picnic in Fullerton (23-Jun-2012) Part 4


Ops cuddle pile. Someone, Shannah Linker, Connor...Ops cuddle pile. Someone, Shannah Linker, Connor Foss, Rachael Linker, and Kevin "Ice" Dodds.
Anime Los Angeles 9 part 26: Sunday (06-Jan-2013)
Loscon 40 part 2: Thursday (28-Nov-2013)