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Scott Watson, Ted Wang.Scott Watson, Ted Wang.
Anime Expo 2003 Part 27: Saturday (05-Jul-2003)


Scott Watson aka W4. His t-shirt has a paraphrase...Scott Watson aka W4. His t-shirt has a paraphrase of the James Nicoll quote: "English doesn't borrow from other languages. English follows other languages down dark alleys, knocks them over and goes through their pockets for loose grammar." The shirt is produced by Pegasus Publishing.
Infinitely Excellent Picnic (19-Aug-2007) Part 1

Brook Alnaal ('Cyan Bloodbane') standing, Harris...Brook Alnaal ("Cyan Bloodbane") standing, Harris and Earl, and Jarod Nandin showing us his cards. Lynn Baden looking away, Stan Oh, and Scott Watson are on the other side of the table.
Infinitely Excellent Picnic (19-Aug-2007) Part 2