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Robert Keller, the 'Strategic Reserve Registrar',...Robert Keller, the "Strategic Reserve Registrar", aka the E.H.R (Emergency Holographic Registrar). Robert is also on the Committee to Gouge, and while we can't get him on his math skills, we certainly trip him up with his own Texas accent.
LASFS Part 103 (29-Mar-2001)

Robert Keller at Solley's.Robert Keller at Solley's.
LASFS Aftermeeting Part 125: Portrait Night (21-Jun-2001)

LASFS Part 133, Aftermeeting Portraits (28-Jun-2001)

LASFS Part 92 (15-Feb-2001)

LASFS Part 145 (06-Dec-2001)

Partysaurus (13-Oct-2001) Part 9


Robert Keller.Robert Keller.
LASFS Part 159 (14-Mar-2002)

Robert Keller, Lynn Baden.Robert Keller, Lynn Baden.
LASFS Part 162 (11-Apr-2002)

Christian B. McGuire, Robert Keller.Robert Keller.
LASFS Part 184 (05-Sep-2002)


Robert Keller tallying votes for Registrar.Robert Keller tallying votes for Registrar.
LASFS and Aftermeetings Part 208 (11-Dec-2003)

Christian B. McGuire, Robert Keller.Christian B. McGuire, Robert Keller.
Loscon 30 Part 77: Saturday Morning (29-Nov-2003)

Robert Keller, Christian B. McGuire at dinner.Robert Keller, Christian B. McGuire.Robert Keller, Waiter, and Christian B. McGuire...
Gina's Picture Gallery: Loscon 30 Part 116: Saturday Evening (29-Nov-2003)


Someone, Robert Keller, Allie Johnson (Lady...Someone, Robert Keller, Allie Johnson (Lady Phoenix)
Ministry of Unknown Science Experiment 4 part 1 (11-Jun-2004)

Ministry of Unknown Science Experiment 4 part 4 (11-Jun-2004)