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Rebecca Rowan.Rebecca Rowan.
Conjecture 6 part 3: Friday (28-Sep-2007)
Conjecture 6 part 17: Sunday (30-Sep-2007)
Loscon 34 part 48: Sunday Morning (25-Nov-2007)


Rebecca Rowan and Bruce Rowan.Rebecca Rowan and Bruce Rowan.
Gallifrey 2008 part 2: Friday (15-Feb-2008)
ConDor 15 part 4: Saturday Afternoon (01-Mar-2008)


Rebecca Rowan.Rebecca Rowan.
Gallifrey 2009 part 19: Friday Evening (13-Feb-2009)
Costume College 2009 part 5: Friday (31-Jul-2009)
Bruce Rowan, Rebecca Rowan.Bruce Rowan, Rebecca Rowan.
Costume College 2009 part 12: Saturday evening (01-Aug-2009)
Costume College 2009 part 16: Sunday (02-Aug-2009)
Anime Los Angeles 6 meetings part 29: Pizza Party (24-Oct-2009)


Vanessa Gonzales (Vanessa Rose?) and Rebecca...Vanessa Gonzales (Vanessa Rose?) and Rebecca Rowan.
Anime Conji part 9: Friday Afternoon (09-Apr-2010)
Anime Conji part 12: Friday Evening (09-Apr-2010)
Costume College 2010 part 20: Friday (06-Aug-2010)
Chaz Boston Baden and his new Chinese Zodiac...Chaz Boston Baden and his new Chinese Zodiac shirt, made by Rebecca Rowan.
Chaz's New Shirt (24-Jun-2010)
Sarah, Rachael, Rebecca, Selina, shirts, bricks, couch (Sep-2010)
Conjecture 2010 part 7: Sunday Afternoon (03-Oct-2010)
Pacific Media Expo 2010 part 4: Saturday (13-Nov-2010)


Rebecca Rowan, Masquerade director.Rebecca Rowan, Masquerade director.
Anime Conji 2 part 13: Saturday Evening Masquerade (26-Mar-2011)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 428: Coral Cafe (28-Apr-2011)
Gaslight Gathering part 1: Saturday (07-May-2011)
Rebecca Rowan.Rebecca Rowan.
Comic-Con International, San Diego 2011: Saturday (23-Jul-2011) Part 2
Costume College 2011 part 12: Saturday (30-Jul-2011)
Costume College 2011 part 19: Saturday (30-Jul-2011)
Rebecca Rowan and a 'Hello Kitty' shirt for Lynn.Rebecca Rowan and a "Hello Kitty" shirt for Lynn.
Kim, Michelle, Rebecca and some shirts (11/14-Aug-2011)
Rebecca and more shirts (Oct/Nov-2011)
Loscon 38 part 8: Sunday (27-Nov-2011)


Rebecca Rowan.Rebecca Rowan.
Costume Camp part 1: Friday Evening (13-Apr-2012)
Costume Camp part 2: Friday Night (13/14-Apr-2012)
Maria Rodriguez and Rebecca Rowan, talking about...Maria Rodriguez and Rebecca Rowan, talking about corsets.
Costume Camp part 4: Saturday Afternoon (14-Apr-2012)
Costume Camp part 7: Sunday Afternoon (15-Apr-2012)
Lynn's 50th Birthday Party (21-Jul-2012) Part 2
Rebecca Rowan.Rebecca Rowan.
Costume College 2012 part 2: Friday (03-Aug-2012)
Costume College 2012 part 5: Friday (03-Aug-2012)
Lauren Marks-Stevens, Rebecca Rowan, Bruce Rowan...Lauren Marks-Stevens, Rebecca Rowan, Bruce Rowan and Corrinne Marks-Stevens.
Costume College 2012 part 9: Saturday (04-Aug-2012)
Costume College 2012 part 10: Sunday (05-Aug-2012)
Loscon 39 part 2: Thursday (22-Nov-2012)


Bruce Rowan and Rebecca Rowan.Bruce Rowan and Rebecca Rowan.
Costume College 2013 part 6: Friday (02-Aug-2013)
Costume College 2013 part 11: Saturday (03-Aug-2013)


Rebecca Rowan in the Conjecture/ConChord Con...Rebecca Rowan in the Conjecture/ConChord Con Suite.
Conjecture 13/Conchord 26 part 1: Saturday (11-Oct-2014)
Aloha Shirts part 3: Late November (Nov-2014)


Photo #39 in this series. Black with kanji on it....Photo #39 in this series. Black with kanji on it. Rebecca Rowan made it for me, and included a "bear button" as decoration on one of the pockets. I'm holding my Canon PowerShot SX120 IS, which only needed a new date-time battery to be usable again. This picture was taken with my red Canon PowerShot SX170 IS.
Aloha Shirts part 6: Early January (Jan-2015)
Aloha Shirts part 7: Late January (Jan-2015)