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Someone background left, man standing, woman...Someone background left, man standing, woman standing, dude in grey sitting next to Randy Cleary in red/white stripes, somebody coming in the door behind Gary Robe in light blue shirt holding a cup, lady in yellow, person in blue with hand to his face, Adrian Washburn in multi-colored tank top in foreground, somebody else standing in front of curtain, woman with red collar, blonde boy, girl with red toy, someone else in the far back corner, man in grey, woman in black/white. And someone's elbow, foreground right.
Vincent's Picture Gallery: DeepSouthCon 2001 Part 3 (May-2001)


Jim Briggs foreground left, someone and someone...Jim Briggs foreground left, someone and someone else sitting in front of the desk, Randy Cleary in baseball cap, Julie Wall in black dress holding red cup, somebody else in grey shirt, somebody in black with blue jeans.
Vincent's Picture Gallery: DeepSouthCon 2002, Part 8 (16-Jun-2002)


Randy Cleary.Randy Cleary.
LibertyCon 16/DeepSouthCon 41 Part 10, Friday (25-Jul-2003)


Noreascon 4, Part 28: Late Saturday Night (04/05-Sep-2004)

Someone and Randy Cleary.Someone and Randy Cleary.
Noreascon 4, Part 54: Late Monday Night (07-Sep-2004)