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Quincy Mata, Alan Lutton. (late night)Quincy Mata, Alan Lutton. (late night)
Loscon 30 Part 73: Friday Late Night (28/29-Nov-2003)


ConDor 11 Part 7: Saturday (28-Feb-2004)

Gaylaxicon 2004 Part 4: Friday Evening (09-Apr-2004)

Gaylaxicon 2004 Part 8: Saturday Afternoon (10-Apr-2004)

Quincy MataQuincy Mata
Kris and Darrel's Wedding Part 11 (24-Apr-2004)

Quincy Mata and Alan LuttonQuincy Mata and Alan Lutton
Kris and Darrel's Wedding Part 27 (24-Apr-2004)


Alan Lutton and Quincy Mata.Quincy Mata, Chaz Boston Baden.Alan Lutton and Quincy Mata at the end of dinner.
Dinner with Alan and Quincy (28-Apr-2010)