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My Little Pony collection (26-Jun-2005) Part 28

My Little Pony collection (26-Jun-2005) Part 34


'Quackers.' Quackers gazed at the droplets of..."Quackers." Quackers gazed at the droplets of water dancing down the window pane. "Come play with us," they called. Quackers donned her raincoat and hat and hurried outdoors. "Race you to the Waterfall," the raindrops laughed. To Quackers surprise, little ducks were swimming happily in the pond as raindrops sprinkled around them. Quackers had an idea! She blinked her twinkle eyes and the raindrops magically changed into all the different colors of the rainbow. Pink, blue, green and yellow raindrops fell everywhere! The duckies laughed with delight as they ran back and forth through the colorful rain shower. Quackers joined her little friends in the pond, splishing and splashing away the rest of the afternoon.
My Little Pony backcard stories part 4: Year Five (16-Oct-2012)