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Doorway to the 'Plus 15' bridge, at the...Doorway to the "Plus 15" bridge, at the second-floor level, from the Westin to the Metropolitan Centre. My best guess is that "Plus 15" refers to the height above the street -- in feet -- dating from when the system was started, in the 1970's, before Canada switched completely and irrevocably to metric.
Con-Version 19 Part 7 - Friday (09-Aug-2002)

Typical door to 'Plus 15' system, leaving the...Typical door to "Plus 15" system, leaving the hotel. In this case, you can see that you are facing West, and that the building this bridge leads to is "505 Third Street SW." The "Plus 15" system is similar to the Skyway (Skybridge? Skywalk?) system in Minneapolis, but it's open later on weekends. It stays open until 11:00 pm or Midnight, even on Sundays. Rumor has it that the city requires new construction downtown to link up to the Plus 15 system.
Con-Version 19 Part 13 - Saturday Afternoon (10-Aug-2002)