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Asta Sinusas from New Jersey, SFRevu...Asta Sinusas from New Jersey, SFRevu Publicist/Columnist. She says to say "Hi" to Craig Miller, and says "Save me a dance."
Con-Version 19 Part 15 - Saturday Evening (10-Aug-2002)


Yetta Nudnik, from the imaginary 'Ginsberg's...Yetta Nudnik, from the imaginary 'Ginsberg's...
Loscon 36 part 10: Saturday (28-Nov-2009)

Sarah Goldberg as 'Kaylee' and Yetta Nudnik from...Sarah Goldberg as "Kaylee" and Yetta Nudnik from the ficticious "Ginsberg's Diner, Weehawken, New Jersey."
Loscon 36 part 12: Late Saturday Night (29-Nov-2009)